Coasteering in Devon- Marine Life and the Sea-Shore in Torbay


Coasteering in Devon. Anstey's Cove in Torquay is important for wildlife and marine life, the coastline surrounding the cove is nationally protected as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Coasteering in South Devon will immerse you into the marine environment of Torbay whilst providing a fascinating insight into the unique world of many underwater creatures. From cave dwelling sponges to bottlenose dolphins and rare cup corals we really are spoilt with the diversity and abundance of species! Rock pools, the shoreline and sea cliffs are all home to numerous different plants and animals, some of which you may see whilst coasteering at Anstey's Cove.

Strawberry Anemone- Pictured on the right, is covered in spots like the pips on a strawberry! They have stingers on their tentacles like jelly fish, they use this to catch prey. It is generally found on the rocks of the lower shoreline and at depths of up to 8-10 meters.