Cooking on an Open Fire: Homemade Pizza



Cooking on an Open Fire: Homemade Pizza

There is something special about cooking on a fire in the outdoors. I’ve found you can adapt almost any food, but one of my favourite things to make is pizza. Almost any recipe found on the internet can be used or, if that’s too complicated, you can buy ‘just add water’ dough from the shops.

Building the fire…

The perfect time to get the fire started is while the dough is rising. It needs to be a nice big fire so you can split it into two. If you start cooking on it too early then you will burn your pizza (I have definitely done this a time or two, I can be quite impatient!) You know it’s ready to cook on when the logs turn white and the flames die down – this gives the right amount of heat and usually doesn’t burn the pizza!

Top tips…

  • Line your frying pan with parchment paper – the type you use for baking. This protects the frying pan but also makes it easy to slide out when it’s cooked!
  • Use an old cake tin propped up over the fire (so air can still get to it). This creates the perfect distance between the heat and the pizza to cook without burning. You have to be careful because, depending on what you use to prop it up with, it can fall over or catch fire!

Once this is set up, I place a baking tray on top of the frying pan with half of the embers from the fire. Again, it’s best that this isn’t on fire, as it can cook it too fast and then burn. My last tip is be careful not to burn yourself on the pizza! I have done this far too many times to count as I’m too eager to try it out and burn the roof of my mouth.

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Cooking on an Open Fire Homemade Pizza 3