Explore & Quest

Adventure Therapy

A journey based expedition for young people with anxiety, low mood and/or emotional disorders

The ‘Quest’ and ‘Explore’ courses encourage young people to engage with others in a same gender small group setting. The team will nurture and grow their skills to plan and undertake an exciting 5 day self sufficient journey based expedition by land and water.

Empowering and enabling young people to recognise and embrace their transition towards adulthood

Capture new opportunities and work with others

Enjoy a personal challenge, build confidence, increase self esteem, and develop resilience

Adelong Explore for young women and Evolve Quest for young men.



Prior to the journey, Adelong Evolve will work with the team to discuss, teach and develop skills necessary for the challenge.

· Teamwork – communication, co-operation, respect, compromise
· Bushcraft
· Canoeing
· Tarping and campcraft
· Route planning and navigation

Adelong Evolves team of qualified psychotherapists, outdoor specialists, coaches and youth workers will offer positive support to help the young people to achieve their potential.

This could from part of a John Muir or Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Other programmes offered by Adelong Evolve-

Adelong Explore and evolve quest

Journey based programmes supporting young men and women in their transition to adulthood.

introduction to outdoor education

A small group work programme supporting young people with anxiety, low mood and/or emotional disorders.


All referrals should initially be sent to nigel@southdevoncbt.co.uk or call Nigel on 07712 706680.

A free initial assessment by Evolve Psychotherapy will be arranged with the young person and a parent/carer.

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