Get Outdoors

Guided climbing

Get Outdoors- bring your indoor climbing skills outdoors….

Transfer your indoor climbing skills to the outdoors. You’ve spent time climbing indoors and learnt that you love it! But how do you go about climbing outdoors? Join us to learn the skills to get you started on the road to climbing independently outdoors. We will design a course specifically to suit your needs and aspirations and include where appropriate the following-

Simple ropework

Setting up for climbing

Belays and anchors

How to transfer your climbing movement on to the rock

Our climbing courses and guided rock climbing are run by qualified and experienced instructors who hold the Mountain Instructor Award (MIA) or Rock Climbing Instructor award (RCI) where appropriate.

Course dates can be arranged to suit you so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Cost: £65 per person for 1 day*

*Based on a group size of 4


Cost: £115 per person for 1 day*

*Based on a group size of 2


Cost: £200 per person for 1 day*

*Based on an individual booking


or contact us to find out more.