Gorge Walking in Devon

Gorge Walking in Devon is an exciting and adventurous combination of scrambling, swimming, sliding, climbing waterfalls and plunging into pools!


Scramble, climb, swim, slide, rock hop and squeeze your way up a gorge!

Gorge Walking is an exciting and adventurous activity. Scramble, swim, slide, climb waterfalls and plunge into pools as you navigate up the river. Immerse yourself on a Gorge Walking Adventure in South Devon and explore everything the river offers!

South Devon has some great Gorge Walking venues that provide an adventurous way to experience and get up close to nature. Our staff are experienced, professional, friendly and great at making sure that you feel comfortable and enjoy your adventure.

We will ensure that you have the best equipment to keep you warm and safe on your South Devon Gorge Walking Adventure, no matter what time of the year. Join us to slide on natural water chutes, sit behind a waterfall, and splash across deep pools as you ascend one of Devon’s beautiful rivers.

Here’s how much it’ll cost you to experience gorge walking in Devon

Cost: £45 per person*

*Based on a minimum group size of 4 or contact us to find out more.

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Add an extra half day activity for a full day of fun!

Cost: £65 per person for full day*

*based on a minimum group size of 4

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Group Gorge Walking Adventures

We always book groups onto private South Devon Gorge Walking sessions, which allows us to tailor the experience to suit you, meaning that you get the very best experience from your day with us.

Whether it’s a small or large group of friends, you’ll enjoy navigating your way up one of South Devon’s beautiful rivers at your own pace, with the expertise of your own highly qualified Gorge Walking instructor.

Our fantastic South Devon Gorge Walking adventures are popular as company team building activities offering a unique opportunity for group bonding and overcoming personal challenges. Group Gorge Walking is also very popular with school and youth groups looking for a great experience here in South Devon.

Our private Group Gorge Walking sessions are one of South Devon’s hidden gems and will have you ‘submerged’ in nature, away from roads and buildings.

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Family Gorge Walking Adventures

If you are looking for things to do in South Devon – Gorge Walking is a fantastic family activity suitable for the young and not so young. 

Our Family Gorge Walking sessions allow parents to enjoy the session at their own pace and relax as your family is guided through the session by our highly qualified and experienced Gorge Walking instructors. 

As our Family Gorge Walking sessions are private, you and your family can take your time and enjoy your experience. Gorge Walking is a great way to bring your family together through exploration, adventure and teamwork!

Gorge Walking is South Devon is a wonderful opportunity for an unforgettable shared family expierence and should definitely be on your bucket list. 

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Stag & Hen Gorge Walking Adventures

Gorge Walking is an excellent activity for those looking for something slightly different as part of their Stag and Hen celebrations in South Devon.
Gorge Walking is an adrenaline-filled adventure that is sure to test your nerve. Scramble up boulders, slide down chutes into plunge pools, splash across deep pools, sit behind a waterfall and squeeze through gaps while discovering the thrilling activity of gorge walking. A unique adventure guaranteed to put a grin on your face and get the heart pumping!
Gorge Walking in South Devon offers a great bonding experience amongst your group and a great talking point for the bar later. Stag and Hen Gorge Walking Adventures will fill you with energy for the night ahead or revitalise you from the evening before!

Coasteering Devon
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Devon Adventure Weekend

The Wet n Wild Adventure Weekend is an exciting and adventurous combination of some of our most loved water-based activities, including Coasteering, Gorge Walking and Canoeing.

The ‘Wet n Wild’ Adventure Weekend in South Devon is a great way to enjoy a mix of exciting water-based activities and allows you to immerse yourself in a truly wet and wild experience in Devon. Experience the fantastic South Devon Coastline and Dartmoor National Park environments from a different perspective!

Cost: £120.00 per person for 2 days*

*Based on a minimum group size of 4

or contact us to find out more.

Gorge Walking in Devon Activity Kit List

After a warm welcome by your instructors, you’ll be provided top-quality winter wetsuits, helmets and buoyancy aids.

Please see our Activity Kit List for a complete guide on what to bring to your South Devon Gorge Walking Adventure. Once everyone is ready, it’s a short walk to the river where our Gorge Walking Adventure will begin. Before we get in, we’ll cover the details of what to expect and the skills & techniques you’ll need to help you safely enjoy your Gorge Walking Adventure. Gorge Walking with Adelong, we will aim to include all the classic elements which make up an excellent gorge walking experience.

From scrambling, climbing, swimming, sliding, rock hopping and squeezing, you’ll navigate your way up the river led by your experienced instructor.

Join Adelong for gorge walking in Devon!

All Adelong activities are underpinned by our core curriculum:

“Respect and responsibility for self, others and the natural world”

We might be based amongst a stunning coastal and moorland backdrop of Devon but we operate around the country (and world)! With Adelong, you can be guaranteed an outdoor adventure to remember. So, if you are looking for gorge walking in Devon, we’ll tailor-make an adventure just for you. To book your adventure today,please get in touch by phone or email. Our team will do our very best to respond to your email or call as soon as possible.

We welcome the opportunity to chat with you and answer any questions that you may have.