Navigation Skills: Exploring North Wales Pt 1 of 3

Navigation Skills: Exploring North Wales Pt 1 of 3

In this article, the team from Adelong provide an insight into their recent trip to North Wales where they practiced their navigation skills in the mountains.

All of us at Adelong are working towards different assessments and training but with the same aim of improving our navigation skills on the hill. While the weather forecast in North Wales wasn’t brilliant that didn’t stop our excitement and motivation to get out and do the things we enjoy.

Navigation skills on steep terrain…

The first day was a day of two halves, the first half being boiling hot walking up very steep ground. The kind of ground that makes it hard to keep an eye on the surrounding areas for clues as to where you are because you’re too busy focusing on where your feet need to go in order not to slide down the scree slope! This made finding our navigation a little tricky, but after some intense focus on the contours and features around us we worked it out. This was exactly what we came here to do, practice our navigation skills whilst walking over steep ground.

The effect of the weather in North Wales…

Skills that most people don’t realise are essential to effective navigation is being able to manage your own wellbeing. Ensuring you are warm and comfortable gives you the capacity to focus on the hazards which are characteristic of mountains in North Wales. Therefore, the second part of the day was spent managing our layers as the wind speed had increased and we had reached the steep terrain at the summit of the mountain.

Learning Navigation

Learning Navigation. We deliver bespoke navigation courses to suit your individual needs and aspirations. Develop the skills and knowledge needed to confidently and comfortably explore the countryside independently… For more information please get in touch to arrange a tailor-made course.

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