Navigation Skills: Exploring North Wales Pt 2 of 3

Navigation Skills Exploring North Wales Pt 2 of 3

Our next mountain day in North Wales presented a different kind of challenge as the weather had turned for the worst. The wind on the mountain tops was forecast to be 70mph, which affected our route choice greatly. We decided to head for one of the smaller mountains as it had an easy escape option if the weather got too much.

Worsening mountain conditions… 

At first, we thought we had been lucky to escape the worst of the weather. As we got higher up the mountain, the wind got stronger and the rain heavier. This, mixed with a change in walking direction, meant the rain was driving into our faces, making navigation unpleasant and challenging. Even the adventure dog was taking shelter behind whatever she could find!!

Checking in…

Before we set off up the mountain, we made sure we had packed extra layers, a warm drink, first aid kit, group shelter (in case of an emergency) and an extra head torch. Since we were navigating in arduous conditions, we made sure to regularly check in with each other. Being mindful of how wet and cold we were getting helped us to be able to prevent any potential incidents.

Learning Navigation In North Wales

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