Our Philosophy…

Adelong is a woman owned and managed business which is quite unique in the outdoor sector. This is an important part of our identity and reflects our commitment to diversity and inclusivity in the outdoors. We feel that our perspective brings a valuable and distinctive approach to our delivery.

We believe it is a privilege to experience the natural world through challenging, exciting, and rewarding outdoor adventures. Our philosophy centres on the significance of nature and the positive impact it has on mental health and well-being. Immersion into the natural environment is widely recognised for its beneficial effects.

Our activities are delivered through a “challenge by choice” model, tailored to the needs and aspirations of each participant. We practice minimal impact principles and educate through positive role modelling to protect our diverse and beautiful environment.

The name Adelong comes from an Indigenous Australian word meaning “along the way.”

Our symbol, an Indigenous Australian design, represents “a group of women.”