Outdoor Education

Adventure Therapy

Introduction to Outdoor Education, for young people with anxiety and low mood and/or emotional disorders

For young people who have already worked with Adelong Evolve and those who are ready to engage within small supportive group work setting.

CBT, Mindfulness and Health and Wellbeing workshops

To support and encourage young people to re-engage in education or employment

The course will introduce a base level of all outdoor activities and then further develop specific subject areas depending on the needs and choices of the group.

Building self-confidence and self esteem as well as learning to manage personal behaviours and emotional responses within a small group setting is integral to the course.



Adelong Evolve’s team of fully qualified psychotherapists, outdoor specialists, coaches and youth workers will offer emotional support to encourage the young people to move forwards into socialising with their peers.

Adelong Evolve has built the course around active Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The course will also include more formal CBT sessions alongside Mindfulness and Health & Wellbeing workshops. All staff delivering on the course have been trained in adolescent mental health and CBT.

Each young person will have the opportunity to achieve two National Governing Body (NGB) awards from the following:
National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS)
National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS)
UKCC Paddlesport (Canoeing & Kayaking)

And two internal ‘Adelong Outdoor Education Awards’ from the following:
Gorge Walking

This course is an ideal entry point for those wishing to go to further education in Sport, Outdoor Education and Public Services.

Adelong Evolves team of qualified psychotherapists, outdoor specialists, coaches and youth workers will offer positive support to help the young people to achieve their potential.

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introduction to outdoor education

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All referrals should initially be sent to nigel@southdevoncbt.co.uk or call Nigel on 07712 706680.

A free initial assessment by Evolve Psychotherapy will be arranged with the young person and a parent/carer.

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