Rock Climbing Instructor (RCI) Prep Group Abseil: Dartmoor Edition Pt 2 of 2

Rock Climbing Instructor (RCI) Prep: Dartmoor Edition Pt 2 of 2

Carrying on from Part 1, this article will discuss supporting a Rock Climbing Instructor (RCI) trainee through the thought process behind setting up a group abseil.

Rigging a group abseil…

Once we had looked at bottom ropes, we thought about how we could then convert this set-up into a group abseil. This is often done whilst out instructing as it lends versatility and flexibility to the day. One of the hardest things for me during this process was allowing the ‘RCI-in-training’ to make all of the decisions, only stepping in if they were doing something unsafe. Over the years, I’ve perfected my own routine for setting up. While the end result is always the same (i.e., setting up a safe system to work from), the process of getting to the end result often differs from person to person. This process is discovered through questioning and evaluating at all stages of the setup journey.

Getting into the RCI mindset…

Whilst supporting the ‘RCI-in-training’ I wanted to ensure a nurturing environment which enabled them to hone their skills and pick the most appropriate set up for the situation. I tried to do this without giving them all of the answers, as this wouldn’t help them learn the key skills they needed. I found this to be quite challenging, but I felt it helped me on my own journey towards being an instructor’s instructor. Overall, the day was a success with both of us learning some new things!! My fingers are all crossed for their assessment day!!

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Rock Climbing Instructor Preparation Part 2 2