Torbay Wildlife: The Seal Edition

Seal Brixham Torbay Canoeing

It’s just coming to that time of year when the weather starts turning; the days are getting shorter and colder too. On days when the weather is calm, canoeing is a great activity to do. If you take a trip around Brixham Harbour in Torbay from September until early spring, then you may come across grey seals hauled out on the wave screen.

How to behave around seals…

From September to December grey seals give birth, often in quiet and remote spots (no one is sure where in Torbay this is). Once they have weaned, young pups are playful and curious. If you come across a seal whilst canoeing, the advice is to give them space and make sure you’re quiet. However, sometimes the seals become curious and will come out to explore and say hello!

Torbay seal hotspots…

Having such beautiful nature on our doorstep is a privilege. It’s a shame that so many people don’t realise what you can see without having to travel too far. You can go walking or canoeing along Brixham breakwater and spot them on the wave screen. Alternatively, you can wander along to Churston Cove, where seals often play in the water or snooze upright, which is known as ‘bottle-nosing’.

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